Marie Baker - Artist

Hello, my name in Marie Baker. I was born and raised in St. John’s Newfoundland Canada. It was there at the young age of around 6 is when I first discovered my passion for the arts. The chill of the long cold winters of Canada kept me in doors, allowing me to dabble with my creativity. But the harshness didn’t keep me indoors for long. Growing up I had a great sense of adventure. I ice skated months on end when the only way of getting around were my blades. I discovered competition when I was invited to play in a neighborhood hockey match. I was the only girl on the ice when the others were sitting on the sidelines of the ice cheering me on. I made the team when the boys discovered I could hold my own. I proved myself in toughness, but mostly I proved myself in expanding my horizons.

It’s nature that drew me to expand my visions of life and the love I have for others. My art is gained by my surroundings, people in my life, both present and in the past, and mostly, places I’ve gone. Scenery is a vital part in all my work. Love is around every corner which draws me for that passion.

I’m a mother of four wonderful children, a Grandmother of six, and a Great Grandmother of one. All of them drive me in my dream.

I’ve traveled extensively through the United States but it’s my travels throughout Europe that I feel broadened my talent. Seeing the Great works of Van Gough, Rembrandt, Monet, Degas and so on raised me to a level of excitement and passion I had but never really discovered.

My main concentration is working with Acrylic, but oils, water colors and chalk are my other strengths. And, I’ve worked with clay.

Presently I have a studio in downtown Denver in which I can escape and concentrate on my passion of colors with the soft sound of classical music in the background.

I feel every person has a talent; every place is a scene for that latent vision. I for one have been to and experienced that hidden love. My art puts me in a place that only I understand. It’s dreams that make me go on; I feel with just a simple brush in my hand I can go anywhere and discover dreams and show others what I feel on a plain canvas. It’s my art that fills my time and fulfills my heart and passion.

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